Vella story


Have you heard about Kindle Vella? It’s a new Kindle program using an old concept: the serial story. Authors can easily publish their stories, one episode at a time. You can read the first three episodes free and are given 200 free tokens toward unlocking each subsequent bit of your stories. To get you hooked!

My contribution is Together on the Island of the Star People: Supernatural Paranormal Suspense for Pre-teens and Up. It’s the story of twin sisters Kerra and Mia, who grow up on a tropical island together, but alone. No other children live here beneath the Dome built by people from a distant planet. Their star being mother does healing work and doesn’t talk much about their missing father. All they know is that he washed up on shore one day, an earth native, and is nowhere to be seen now. How can they, as half human, fit into this alien society with no emotion? Will they also become like robots? Or disappear someday, too?

Please take a look at Together on the Island of the Star People, a story designed to sweep you away to an ancient society so well-ordered that passion and true joy no longer exist. Learn how the girls’ youthful dreams and hopes clash with rigid order. For a fun read, click the following link to try it now. Okay,