STEPHANIE GRAY JOINS a modern-day group of Wiccans and becomes more whole and alive. But her newly-found harmony goes haywire when a circle member disappears into thin air.

THIS IS NO MAGIC TRICK and foul play is strongly suspected. Soon Stephanie’s life spirals into chaos and she’s facing more questions than answers: Who is or was the missing Flo, the witch that nobody liked? Could Stephanie have some strange connection with her disappearance? And can facing the past bring back the missing pieces of Stephanie’s present-day life?

IF YOU LIKE PARANORMAL ROMANTIC MYSTERY based on a historical era, strong characters, dialogue that sparkles with laughter, and romance laced with thorns, don’t hesitate to buy The Witch’s Lost Love. You’ll soon find yourself lost in a world that can help you reclaim your own missing powers as you discover your inner witch.

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PSYCHOTHERAPIST SUZANNE WESTIN counsels clients about relationship problems, yet she’s a failure at romance, contenting herself with her puppy and newly acquired Victorian near Pittsburgh. Yet the crystal ball she buys and gazes into reveals an intriguing scenario—a past life in this same house as a blonde singer with a 1940’s swing band.

AN EVEN MORE DISTURBING VISION shows her past self lying dead in the woods, and she learns she must solve the mystery or history will repeat itself—soon—in this paranormal mystery/suspense novel.

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Lilith and the Faeries Series #1

PITTSBURGH BOOKSTORE MANAGER Lilith Devlin encounters a faery in her garden who asks her to write a book explaining faery ways and to tackle a special mission. In exchange, the wee one promises romance and adventure.

THOUGH LILITH FEARS CHANGE, she soon travels to Ireland to learn from the fae, meets an attractive New York editor, and flies to Madagascar with him to stop poachers from destroying endangered lemurs. Her world expands in unexpected ways as she grows closer to the faeries and discovers the mysteries of nature…and love.

THE LILITH AND THE FAERIES SERIES depicts the essence of the nature angels and can teach you to connect more deeply with the faeries and other elementals. A fictional Faeries 101.

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Lilith and the Faeries Series #2

LILITH AND NEW LOVE ADAM relax on the Big Island of Hawaii, a “free” vacation from the faeries, until a beloved dolphin friend is murdered. As they investigate this tragedy, they unveil an even more disturbing mystery: who is invoking the wrath of Pele, volcano goddess?

AMIDST VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS, earthquake tremors, and threat of tsunamis, they race to solve these puzzles as they grow closer to nature, this island paradise, the faeries, and each other.

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Lilith and the Faeries Series #3

THE FAERIES CONTACT LILITH and Adam about the Dream People, a tribe in a remote, mountainous region of the Ecuadorian rainforest. The tribe meditates to heal the world, and nearby oil drilling threatens their mission. Lilith, Adam, and four shamans explore the forest to find the one man responsible.

BESIDES THAT, LILITH AND ADAM’S LOVE must be tested to solve the mystery.

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