January 11, 2016

Blue Moon over Bloopers

This error gave my husband and me a good belly laugh. I’m having a talented designer from Fiverr make the book cover for the CreateSpace versions of my three Lilith and the Faeries novels.
October 22, 2015

The Lady, or the Tiger?

Isn’t that some old story about being given a choice of two doors? Behind one is a beautiful lady, gorgeous in every way. If you choose the wrong door, a tiger jumps out, maims and consumes you.
September 3, 2015

Review of my Kirkus Review

I recently invested in a Kirkus Review for my novel, Blue Moon over Madagascar, to the tune of $500. I come from Ohio farmer stock, cautious in our spending, expecting results for that much money.
September 12, 2014

Welcome to my new blog!

And welcome to the world of faery! I’m Cathy Corn, author of Blue Moon over Madagascar, Smell the Plumerias, and Faery: the Final Frontier. Thank you for spending time here and getting to know about me, my books, and the faeries.