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WHAT IS THE WORLD OF FAERY? There are realms of planet earth few have accessed. Our great mother, the earth, holds secrets, and she has answers for all of our present-day problems.

YOU JUST HAVE TO S-L-O-W D-O-W-N, be still, and listen. The world of faery (fairy, faerie, whatever you like) is a subtle realm, but accessible and fascinating. Are faeries real? My novels will lead you into the faery realm where you can be the judge. Fiction can help you access the real magic of this world.

MY ADULT NOVELS REFLECT a woman’s journey into this world, in The Lilith & the Faeries Series. Lilith Devlin’s pale but orderly life transforms with love and adventure when she takes on a faery mission.

MY NOT YET PUBLISHED CHILDREN’S NOVELS (age 7 and up) tell of Lilly Rogers, a Korean-Irish girl who’s asked to help reunite the ancient races of faery and human, with the expert help of her pet rabbit Sophie in The Lilly & Sophie Fairy Adventure Series.


MY STUDY OF HEALING BEGAN years ago, when I worked as an RN in critical care units, eventually changing careers to massage therapy. When I left mainstream medicine, my healing horizons broadened. I’ve been learning and growing, nurturing myself and facilitating others with their transformation. The vision of the faeries, who tend the plants and animals, includes rejuvenating our planet. As a bonus, learning about the mysteries of nature is fascinating! It has been the greatest adventure of my life.

WRITING THE LILITH AND THE FAERIES SERIES has expanded my life in ways I’d never expected. As Lilith has transformed over the course of the novels, I’ve changed, too. And then when I was coerced into writing the children’s books (a story in itself), my learning rapidly accelerated. Visit my blog for information on healing yourself. Please feel free to join me on my email list to continue connecting with the faeries. It’s always evolving. And there’s a sign up for free book or story as my gift for coming along for the ride. And don’t forget, the faeries believe in having the best time ever!


SHE WORKED IN THE HEALING ARTS for decades as an RN, licensed massage therapist, and Reiki Master. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with husband Alan, and adorable felines Cato and Cleo. She has been writing novels for thirty years, and her supernatural mysteries have been Amazon #1 bestsellers.

SHE BEGAN HER FIRST FAERY NOVEL as a complete nonbeliever, but began seeing the

wee ones before the first draft was finished. She believes that the written word can be very healing as we all awaken to limitless possibilities and a bright new world. So don’t forget to go outside and speak to the faeries!