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Welcome to the World of Faery

What is the world of faery? There are realms of planet earth few have accessed. Our great mother, the earth, holds secrets, and she has answers for all of our present-day problems.

You just have to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n, be still, and listen. The world of faery (fairy, faerie, whatever you like) is a subtle realm, but accessible and fascinating. Are faeries real? My novels will lead you into the faery realm where you can be the judge. Fiction can help you access the real magic of this world.

My adult novels reflect a woman’s journey into this world, in The Lilith & the Faeries Series. Lilith Devlin’s pale but orderly life transforms with love and adventure when she takes on a faery mission.

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January 7, 2019

You CAN Heal Yourself: Healing’s No Serious Business

So maybe you need to lighten up. There are many articles, books, and studies that prove that your body will heal itself faster and better if you are relaxed and happy. And laughter is still the best medicine.
November 12, 2018

You CAN Heal Yourself: Sparkling Food Choices OR What’s That You’re Putting in Your Pie Hole?

Diet. Nutrition. Food. So very important, yet largely overlooked as medicine in this country. If we just improved our diets, many health problems would melt away or lessen and we would be much less prone to dis-ease. No kidding.
October 21, 2018

You CAN Heal Yourself: Listening to the Wind in the Leaves

There’s a new type of therapy. It’s called Nature Therapy and is prescribed to help those with anxiety and depression, as well as those with physical problems. It involves spending time out in nature.